ACMPR: Get your Medicinal Cannabis Prescription here!

Grow your own Cannabis at home with an ACMPR license from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act.

For licenses under 5 grams a day we recommend utilizing the Harvest Medicine online system. More information…

For Medical Cannabis Prescriptions over 5 grams a day please email us at and we will setup a Skype interview with the Doctor for your Medical Cannabis Prescription.

Grams/day # of plants Cost $
50 244 800
40 195 700
30 146 600
20 98 400
10 49 300
5 25 200
We will jointly fill out the ACMPR registration form below and then apply to legally
grow your own medical cannabis:

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations Production for Own Medical Purposes and Production by a Designated Person Registration Form
Open documentation…

Our Cannabis Doctor will fill out and sign the Medical form during your Skype interview. The completed original form will be mailed to you, you must send it together with the above registration form to Health Canada:

You can now access an interim supply of Medicinal Cannabis and Starting Materials from the following Licensed Producers (LP):

Harvest Medicine has a link to quickly change your LP: