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Meeting Indoor Air and Surface Challenges – Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Contaminated soil affecting plant growth
Pests Sapping plant resources – stunted plant with resultant lower THC content
Plant pathogens taxing the cellular integrity of the plant – Lower THC content
Air Quality – Industrial or residential gasses resulting in plant uptake – Lower THC content and end product appearance of unwanted contaminants
Air Quality – Plant outgassing of pungent and unwanted odours
Post Harvest- Contamination – via mold or pathogens of the finished product

The above are recurrent subjects with the growers that we have consulted with.
Hydroxyl technology has been lab and field tested
Neutralize fugitive odours – chemical, pesticide
Control plant odours particularly during flowering – neighbours
Control plan odours – no ingress of pests that follow the plant odour and harm the plants ( spider mites)
Surface fungal / bacterial issues resolved
Post Harvest control of pathogens
Safe and with never affect growers or staff. Plants, plastic, rubber, vinyl leather or CO2

The reason for the above positive impact on plants is that they have naturally evolved from the outdoor environment. The environment is rich in naturally occurring atmospheric hydroxyl generation. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ) has informed us that the average outdoor concentration of atmospheric hydroxyls is 2.6 million per cubic centimeter. Indoors with the absence of sunlight we see a drop to zero atmospheric hydroxyls per cubic centimeter. Atmospheric hydroxyls ( * OH) naturally sanitize air and surfaces

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