Canada Grows Inc.

Cannabis Consulting Services

1. Cannabis Herbalist/Sommelier Appointment

  • (Individual Appointment for person wanting to be a Medical Cannabis Patient)
  • $50 for a 1 hour Skype appointment
  • $75 in person plus travel

2. ACMPR Assistance – Medical Cannabis Patient

  • (How to get setup to grow your own cannabis or any question on the process.)
  • $50 for a 1 hour Skype appointment
  • $75 in person plus travel

3. Inspection of an ACMPR Garden (Medical Patient)

  • (comes with a report on how to improve conditions, hazard report, and grow report)
  • $75 an hour plus travel

4. Licensed Provider Consultation

  • (For those who want to become an LP, Craft Grower or are in the process and need assistance)
  • $100 an hour (Skype session)
  • $125 in person plus travel

5. Inspection of a site: Licensed Provider, MMPR, MMAR, Pre Health Canada Inspection

  • $150 an hour plus travel

6. Education Event: Speaking Engagement, Education session tailored for; Doctors, patients, growers, or by subject.

  • $100 an hour (Skype Session)
  • $150 an hour plus travel

7. Education Event: Medical Cannabis Patients training

  • (How to make medicines, grow, cure, decarboxilate, any subject on cannabis!)
  • $50 an hour plus travel